Outing makan - Asia Cafe, Subang Jaya (July 19, 2009)

After driving all the way from LCCT, Pamela, Cleo, Ivy and me went to Asia Cafe our favorite spot for Asian Food. I am extremely exhausted as two days of my life (Saturday & Sunday) are dedicated to other people life. I am reaching the peak of tiresome and requesting myself to be fed with delicious food. After makan2 time, reach home and ironing my shirts. Lastly, fall flat on my bed.

These two are posing with their drink called Kat Chai Sumui @ Tiga Masam (comprises of lime, asamboi & lemon) Enough to wake me up

Wah.. I don't know what is this food call. But it worth RM6

Oysters with eggs (Oyster omelet) RM5.50. I am also taking Spicy Sze Chuan Hand Made Noodle RM4.50

French Fries with salad RM4

Fried Kuey Tiaw RM4.00

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