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A young man had been to Wednesday Night Bible Study. The Pastor had shared about listening to God and obeying the Lord's voice. The young man couldn't help but wonder, 'Does God still speak to people?'After service, he went out with some friends for coffee and pie and they discussed the message. Several different ones talked about how God had led them in different ways.It was about ten o'clock when the young man started driving home. Sitting in his car, he just began to pray, 'God... if YOU still speak to people, speak to me! I will listen. I will do my best to obey.'

As he drove down the main street of his town, he had the strangest thought to stop and asking him to ‘buy a gallon of milk’. He shook his head and said out loud, 'God is that YOU?' He didn't get a reply and started on toward home.

But again, he had that same thought… ‘Buy a gallon of milk’. The young man thought about Samuel and how he didn't recognize the voice of God, …