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Sweetest Present

Dear gentle reader!! I am so grateful with the result I received last night. The past few weeks my heart are aching and I anxiously waiting for my result. I've kept imagining what my result could be? Because last semester is the toughest scenario I ever faced. To tell you the truth.. I almost gave up my study due to level of stress I have encountered are different from the previous semester. Intense is the right word. I felt that I've chosen the wrong path.. and decided to quit my study because I can't cope up with stress. But I said to my self.. Why should I giving up, I have HIM in me..... I must face this difficulty, I must take it as challenge.. I should never run from it.. no more... I must learn how to handle stress and never get panic even the devil attack me.... My faith is not build on sand or above the rock.. I must grow.. HE is my foundation, HIS words is my soils.. Holy ghosts is my guidance. I believe nothing is impossible in HIM..

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