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33rd Birthday - The Best of Years

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. Just came back from Sunday Service and dinner with church members. Having the nicest birthday cake ever (Cheese Cake) made by Sis. Deborah Udan. Wishes from my dad in Miri, friends of secondary school (St. Joseph and Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang, Miri), my course mates both from Degree and Master level, friends at oversea, such as Singapore, Indonesia, America, Italy, Cousins, students at UMTECH, UNITAR, UNIRAZAK or UNITAR International University, colleagues of Olympia College, Kuala Lumpur, RPM Engineers and current office. Also friends at Charis Ecube.

Buddy, Bro Andy SaedahEmma Cassandra GunsilimTres Elle,Charity Stephen.

Dear friends of GCSA, thank you for your prayer. I won't ask for anything else, but I would like to inspire each and everyone of you, that beyond the horizon lies opportunity for us. Wait for the right timing. Pasti yang terbaik. Smile from me!!

Buat teman2. Tiada yg hebat2 aku minta, cuma kita terus maju.Kezi…