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Kuching Trip - Day 1 - Family Photos (December 5, 2009)

Gigantic model with dwarfs

A trip that ended as personal relaxation, pocket sakit condition. Three of vacation to my abang's house at Batu 8, Kuching. I spent my entire day time with sleeping and my brother ask me a question, "You coming to Kuching for sleeping ka?".

What can I do, your brother is hardworking citizen. Having nice sleep occasionally and accidentally hit someone car due that reason. So use the time to sleeplah.

Later, I brought my lovely nephew and nieces plus their mummy and daddy for a dinner treat. I am craving for mee kolok but end up with mee keropok with tomato sauce at Kota Sentosa.Sedap eh..

Then, we went to Spring at Simpang Empat and using their family as victim for photography session. And I was surprised to witness my Erisha (the youngest daughter) to creatively pose with beautiful angle. Where do you learned all that? "From tvlah," mummy proclaimed. And she is only four with baby talk.