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Pra Natal (November 22, 2009)

There was no photo taken from this event. Sigh!! Nothing Is Impossible manage to take a video of YouthNited Stars performance, a sketch that constructed by them. But sad, halfway through the battery of my cam is dead.

Anyway, enjoys the acts.

"The sketch is about a lady who prohibiting her's family from celebrating Christmas, due to her painful experiences with such occasion. Pamela's father abandoned their family during Christmas and her's husband involved in accident also during Christmas. Thus, she neglected the true meaning of Christmas and embedded hatred into her children.

Despite being warned by their mother, the children encountered with another family who loving their children and shared the beautiful meaning of Christmas.

Their mother punished them for celebrating Christmas in their house. So the children wrote a letter to their mother and forgive their mother.Then, the mother realizes, she made a big mistake and showing the love they needed, especially durin…