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Last lap

I have less than 2 months before I end my status as a student. This is the toughest battle I ever encountered, but I will never ever give up or loose. The battle does not own me, but I am the one who conquering this gruesome process by controlling the last thing I owned, emotion.

I am not urging people to understand my situation or having those sympathize feeling over my condition. Scram those who giving me unnecessary hurdles, but in the end I have to pass them with face up.

For the last lap, I begin to have courage by omitting 'thing' that I am attached with, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, etc. which requiring extra time from me to be involved with.

Many drama going on too... for example, financial crisis, pathetic drama created by a housemate, (not created by "F", but the other one, a drama queen. Adakah bergaduh dengan jiran. Klu dengan housemate logik juga kan!!), hectic work, so on and so forth..

In the end, all the above really slapped me on my face... I remember a past…


Sorry!! I really don't have time to update my blog... SOMEDAY, when I am declared as free citizen... I will be coming back to update you with juicy stories...