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Malaysia For Change

We want change for our beloved nation. We want dynamic growth for each of the races, we want to hold hand in hand with one another and not living under stigma of racism. We want to live under safe country, we respect one another, their religion, their culture because we are 1Malaysia. Young generation!! It is time for change. Get ready for PRU13

Visiting Friend, Hari Raya & 1Malaysia

On the first day of Hari Raya (September 10) , I went to Damansara Utama visiting my friend, Puan Norazlida and her parents. Last year, she was not around because she went back to her husband's kampung in Johor. Anyway, visiting her parents house just like visiting Rumah Contoh that assemble 1Malaysia spirit.

Malays, Chinese, Indian, Sabahan and Sarawakian, plus Indonesian under one roof. Sitting around the table, laughing and sharing a common story. Story about goodness thing in life. Bless this nation, O Lord....

I enjoyed my visit and the food as well.

A snap of photo while listening to their conversation

And Uncle Nordin as well!! Yippie...snap