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I Still Believe (Danny Gokey)

Listening to his album titled, My Best Days is part of the best thing, but you listen to track No. 3 titled, I Still Believe, awesome. As he sang this part,"I never saw a man who walk on water, I never met a man who walked on water, but I still believe". This song was written by American idol judge, Kara DioGuardi, portray about a man faith who never met Jesus personally but he strongly believe that He is exist. This song is an anthem for those who believe and without doubt I Still Believe.

Anyway, Danny Gokey is the finalist of American Idol Season 8. He only manage to get 3rd place, even thought his voice is way better than Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

If you want to download this song, click here

I STILL BELIEVE lyrics Danny Gokey
I've been lookin for a light at then end of this tunnel
I've been searchin for a sign to lead me home
To mend the endless nights of sorrow
But on the other side of this I know that my heart will live

Never saw a man walk on water
Never met a man …

Melaka Adventure (May 17, 2010)

I have applied an annual leave for this so called 'adventure' and the destination is Melaka. The journey began around 7.00am and our pit stop is at Nelson's residence. Spending the entire day with friend is amazing, while the journey was fruitful. The tree will bare some fruit and harvesting will begin soon.

After completing the listening session, we requested the person to do some alteration, modification and adding some element. While waiting for the final product, we went to Mleka town for makan-makan session. Anyway enjoy the picture below: