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Conquering Tropicale Colmar

My dad, Felicia and I went to Tropicale Colmar last June 2011. Gosh... I am so lame and late in posting my updates. Cool.. cool...

After visiting Batu Caves, which located along the way to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. And after having superb lunch at Sunway.. the nicest Bihun Sup... ever..All of us went there.. for sightseeing.

My dad successfulu amused me with his strength climbing all the staircases, hills and lifts... My pride as young adult.. bye bye...

Entrance fee for 3 selected location is worth RM12 pr person. Oklah oooo

There we met Tatum and Henry jenging.. both is dearest friend of my..long time didn't see each other...

My dad on the top floor of the tower...3 storey height...Got lift la..

My dad said to Mr Henry, "Aku nadai peminat medak utai dibabas/ kampung. Nyau puas udah medak kayu.. Aku kak medak bangunan, utai ti jarang dipedak." (I am not interested to get married... eh misleading pulak translation nie. I am not interested looking at the jungle/ trees. I am bored o…

Testing, testing.. whoa!!

My little hero.. Ezekiel is trying on my new spectacle... Looks nerdy, yet chubby. I don't where are heading to... Pictures taken during my holiday somewhere around June.
Ezekiel is a big brother of Isaac, 3 years old and he himself is 7 years old. Those two always quarrel over everything and its normal for sibling. Their mom playing the referee role by nagging, yelling and caring for both of them. Having two boys is frightening... they turn the house outside down... Having two rascals, smart yet independence boys, sometimes amused me... My sis.. indeed you are supermom!!
Superdude is watching from far...

I looks handsome ka, uncle? Yes.. but not handsome than me. He always giggle when listening to my silly answer


Cute meh!!

Adorable isn't he?