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I promise to myself not to talk bad about others, doesn't matter how bad thing turned against you. To be honest, backstabbing incident wasn't the best experience in any life of a person. Far more, when someone or anybody united to bring your enthusiasms down beyond 6 feets ground, its quite difficult to boost up the same level of spirit.Backstabbing can be described as the action or practice of criticizing someone in a treacherous manner while feigning friendship.

I will try to maintain my level of professionalism while working with others. I dare to put aside my emotional feeling when it come to work, even thought these people despise me any way of I can think of. I just don't be able to withstand the hypocrisy behaviour. Pretends to smile at you......O Lord.. I just don't like it. I will not takes more time to explain on what had happened to me, full stop.What should you do whenever you are being back stabbed by others? To deal with such condition, the following tips…