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My Classmate For Master of Library Science

Friendly faces of the neighbor hood. My friends and foes of this small group. There all has the patient listen to me, who talking non stop during class and nagging them for wrong doing they have done (in positive mannerslah!!). On top of that they all younger than me. Colorful personalities, cooperative and happy being with.

Congrats To Kathleen Mimi & Jonathan Leslie Singih

Comelnya Kaetlynn

Chakk!! From Uncle Nothing Is Impossible

Dear Mimi and Leslie, I hope it is not to late for me to wish you "Congratulation" with your new born baby girl, Kaetlynn Khollisya (May 27, 2009). She is a give from GOD, adorable and beautiful as well. Be a good and respectful parents who obey GOD. Endure the hardship with HIS grace and unconditional love. Dear gentle reader, if you have anything to comment, please don't be shy to do so by writing on blog. Pray for them as well.