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X4JC Album Is Here!!

Dear Believers!! Finally the album is here... the long journey is worth waiting. We will deliver the good news in details soon. And this remind me of this scripture "Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God ~ Philippians" 1 : 3 Praise Jesus!!

Welcoming Libyan Ambassador To Malaysia Visit University Library - Oct 19, 2011

Just a small contribution made by me to my beloved University Library. Representing my department to welcome the Ambassador of Libya to Malaysia, His Excellency Dr. Bubaker A.Al-Mansori. He also accompanied by his special assistant, Mr.Esaam S.Gheblawi. The objective of the visit is to foster closer relationship between UMTECH and Libyan Embassy and at the same time explore possibilities of collaboration.

Did you know how I felt during the meeting with His Excellency? Nerve wracking, heart pumping and the same time having adrenaline rush. Imagine yourself sitting with all the Deans, Directors and Vice Chancellor in the same room. While me, just representing my boss who could make it on that particular day (he got another meeting) - actually he appointed my senior to attend this meeting, but she could not make it due to personal reason. I almost chicken out due to the fact that all the attendees are Professors and Doctors, plus Datuk.... keciknya aku.

During the introduction of the atte…