Welcoming Libyan Ambassador To Malaysia Visit University Library - Oct 19, 2011

Just a small contribution made by me to my beloved University Library. Representing my department to welcome the Ambassador of Libya to Malaysia, His Excellency Dr. Bubaker A.Al-Mansori. He also accompanied by his special assistant, Mr.Esaam S.Gheblawi. The objective of the visit is to foster closer relationship between UMTECH and Libyan Embassy and at the same time explore possibilities of collaboration.

Did you know how I felt during the meeting with His Excellency? Nerve wracking, heart pumping and the same time having adrenaline rush. Imagine yourself sitting with all the Deans, Directors and Vice Chancellor in the same room. While me, just representing my boss who could make it on that particular day (he got another meeting) - actually he appointed my senior to attend this meeting, but she could not make it due to personal reason. I almost chicken out due to the fact that all the attendees are Professors and Doctors, plus Datuk.... keciknya aku.

During the introduction of the attendees, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Mahyuddin Mohd. Dahan, our Vice Chancellor terkebil-kebil mata when his turn to introduce me. He couldn't recognise me and determine from which department I represented. Suddenly, one of attendees said, "Jimpele Ambau from the University Library" "ohh... ya from the University Library", Dato echoed En Syukri answer. Thanks En Syukri, Head of Registrar.

I sat silently and maintained my poise and grin on my face, while VC took his liberty to give his speeches and briefing about our institution.

Later, I conducted a tour and briefly explained on the facilities and services that University Library provided for our users. I also took my chances to share my experiences in serving Libyan students. The major obstacle in serving them is communication. Most of them unable to converse in English. I hope the session serve me justice!

Can you spot me on the picture?

Me sitting at the back (back bencher yang sedar diri)

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Mahyuddin Mohd. Dahan, Vice Chancellor of UMTECH with his speeches

End of the briefing session. The Q&A session is rather interesting.

Me giving short briefing to the visitors

I like this picture

This one as well

Touring around the library explaining on the services and facilities provided for our users

I took the privilegde to share my experiences in servicing Libyan students

Me with Professor Dr Cheah Kooi Guan, Dean of Graduate School

I end the tour with small talk

All photos are from and courtesy of Graduate School's FaceBook.

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