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Guess Who?

Lets us play this game. This is the simplest game on earth and I will provide with 3 clues that can be used as guide in answering the question. A picture will be posted and you are requested to send your answer to my email address. What is the prize? There is no price. If someone willing to sponsor any prizes or what so ever, I will be overwhelmed. This game is designed just to test your concern with surrounding.

send to this email

Your clues:
This person is a 'she'Related with someoneLove to grin

Pirate of Shah Alam - Fast Recovery Dude

Last Wednesday (August 5, 2009), I was being told by Andy that his right eye is in bad condition. He endured the pain of his right eye for a month as his vision is worsen from day to day. According to Andy, he unable to differentiated between letter 'S' and 'I' (semuanampak straight jak) and every other images seem blurry even with his spectacle on. Due to pain that he unable to bear, he went to Tun Hussein Onn National Eyes Hospital, PetalingJaya for medical checkup and investigation. Before he leaving to hospital, he informed me to pray for this ocassion and his spiritual being.

The next morning, he once again updated me with unexpected news. He have to undergone an operation to fix his right eye. What was the problem? His right eye's retina was displaced from the actual position, in common word, 'terkoyak'. This condition can cause him to loose his eyesight, permanently. We all are grateful that he detected the problem at early stage.

In the evening, he wa…