Pirate of Shah Alam - Fast Recovery Dude

Last Wednesday (August 5, 2009), I was being told by Andy that his right eye is in bad condition. He endured the pain of his right eye for a month as his vision is worsen from day to day. According to Andy, he unable to differentiated between letter 'S' and 'I' (semua nampak straight jak) and every other images seem blurry even with his spectacle on. Due to pain that he unable to bear, he went to Tun Hussein Onn National Eyes Hospital, Petaling Jaya for medical checkup and investigation. Before he leaving to hospital, he informed me to pray for this ocassion and his spiritual being.

The next morning, he once again updated me with unexpected news. He have to undergone an operation to fix his right eye. What was the problem? His right eye's retina was displaced from the actual position, in common word, 'terkoyak'. This condition can cause him to loose his eyesight, permanently. We all are grateful that he detected the problem at early stage.

In the evening, he was warded to Tun Hussein Onn National Eyes Hospital, preparation for operation which was scheduled on Friday (August 7, 2009), 10.30 am.

The operation was successful as he undergone the surgery for approximately 2 hours. Glad to hear that. Later that day, SYC and me went to visit him and pray for his health. Pamela, Tatum, Cleopatra, Ivy M.K., Gideon, Roy, Roland Adreas, Obi, Dennis were amongst the visitors who have the courage to be with me, while I drove the van, crazy driver.

Fressela greeted us at the hospital's lobby and we met Ps. Waco and his beautiful daughter's Grace, 15 minutes later.

Bro.. fast recovery dude!! Congratulation for having faith in HIM. Your latest nick name - Pirate of Shah Alam.. wakakaa.. later that night, we went to Asia Cafe for dinner. Hotest place to dine.

I quess, this was his vision. Sakit mata tengok kan?

Waiting for Fressela to lead us. Posing dulu

Kejap, kejap.. sengium... kalau nurse tengok nie, mesti marah

Andy (Pirate of Shah Alam) in sleeping mode, while Ila is trying to wake him up.. "Bangun yang.. adik2 coming nie"

He's only response was.. hhmmm and thumb up

Action bah Andy nie...

Cleo in her cutie face

Bila bangun.. mata pun tutup.. wearing patch "Silakan.. makanlah beramai-ramai. Jangan malu2". He offering his tastless foods.

Cak... Patutlah si Grace selalu takut.. Scary bah orang tu

Daddy sya seksikan... hmm memang!!

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