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Konsert Bersama Rhea & Jeffry (October 10, 2009)

Hi!! Lama sudah Nothing Is Impossible tak updatekan blog ni. Sorry my dear readers. I just completed my 3rd semester and I have another 1 semester to go. For the time being I've plenty of time to update my post before I proceed with my thesis.

Lets us talk about this concert... This concert is awesome readers.. I am not being biased or anything. The reason of this project was a successful project, is because of His Grace. Every single person have quenched their effort, sweat and monies in making this projects great impact for others.

During the day time, Rhea, Jeffry and their teammates share the words of God through seminar session, which conducted in two session, The first session was steered by one of the delegates pastor and in the afternoon Jeffry and Rhea took the baton by sharing their knowledge in music arrangement, praise & worship atmosphere, sound system, vocal control, etc.

The partcipant of the seminar is approximately 60 people. I will try to include the materia…