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Intelligent, Faith, Demon & Believe?

* Jesus Casts Out His First Demon (Mark 1:21-28) - Analysis and Commentary
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* Jesus Heals the Demon-Possessed of Gadarenes (Mark 5:1-9) - Analysis and Comment
* Doctrine of the Trinity - Faith Groups that Reject the Trinity Doctrine
* Demons: What are Demons? How do the Bible and Religion Present Demons


The above video is taken from TV series call, "Criminal Minds" Season 4, Episode 17 : Demonology. This TV series is my favorite series among all. They investigate serial killing crime by studying the serial killer behavior. First they will develop the profile of the criminal and conduct interviews with related subjects, later they study the pattern of crimes the criminal did, once strong evidence gathered, they capture the criminal. It all about studying people behavior, character, pattern, reaction towards provocative issues, etc. However, for this particular episode, they encountered an issue that they cannot proof by kno…