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Cuti 2010

If aku boleh melompat macam nie

Three more weeks before my vacation kick off.... My vacation is commencing on 11 December 2010 till 3 January 2011 which equal with a month of no working, burden on my chest, ridiculous drama in my office, seriously no joke a month of no thinking about those worldly living scrumptious thingy is just like living in a world full of dream - Inception. My life is equal with four weeks of joy otherwise I am turning to be like Incredible Hulk if my boss do not agree with my proposal. Each year I need to present my leave application together with comprehensive list of what to be done during the absence of Mr Jim. Once my boss agreed only then I can go for vacation...

This year is going to be extra special because its going to be my very first time visiting Sabah, the Land Below Wind (remind my of Bette Midler - Wind beneath my wind. Youtube or Google yourselves of this is all about). The excitement that I can't imagine and unexpected thing that running in …