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Thailand, Here I Go!!! Sawadikap

This afternoon, I will be going to Bangkok, Thailand, or known as land of White Elephant for five days vacation. Actually, I have been to Hadyai, Thailand somewhere around 2003. But this time I will be further up.

Sawadikap... I want to eat tom yum.... want to meet pretty people.

Why Thailand? Easylah.. This trip is not a holiday of goyang-goyang kaki but this trip is a paid vacation. Paid by UiTM and Nothing Is Impossible only need to pay RM+++ for the flight tickets. So this trip is meant for educational purpose. No bengkok-bengkok attention ok!! Scarylahlahkan?!!

Not in million years that I would imagine I will be at Thailand for second time, Bangkok is among my favorite places on earth in the list.

Tercapai sudah cita-cita mok pegi Thai.. After waiting for quite some times... waiting the approval from UiTM itself yang terpaksa membeku segala aktiviti-aktiviti keluar negara, disebabkan H1N1.

More amazing stories to tell... stay tune with Nothing Is Impossible ok?

Thai flag

Thailand is big…