Thailand, Here I Go!!! Sawadikap

This afternoon, I will be going to Bangkok, Thailand, or known as land of White Elephant for five days vacation. Actually, I have been to Hadyai, Thailand somewhere around 2003. But this time I will be further up.

Sawadikap... I want to eat tom yum.... want to meet pretty people.

Why Thailand? Easylah.. This trip is not a holiday of goyang-goyang kaki but this trip is a paid vacation. Paid by UiTM and Nothing Is Impossible only need to pay RM+++ for the flight tickets. So this trip is meant for educational purpose. No bengkok-bengkok attention ok!! Scarylahlahkan?!!

Not in million years that I would imagine I will be at Thailand for second time, Bangkok is among my favorite places on earth in the list.

Tercapai sudah cita-cita mok pegi Thai.. After waiting for quite some times... waiting the approval from UiTM itself yang terpaksa membeku segala aktiviti-aktiviti keluar negara, disebabkan H1N1.

More amazing stories to tell... stay tune with Nothing Is Impossible ok?

Thai flag

Thailand is bigger than Malaysia

Started reading this book, pinjam from my lecturer

Itinerary of our trip to Bangkok, Thailand:

Bank of Thailand

Chulalongkorn University (Prominent university in Thailand)

New International School of Thailand

National Library of Thailand, Thavasukri

Central Library Srinakharinwirot

AND of courselah sightseeing

Our Meeting on December 2, 2009

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