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Outing & Movie Review

Si unta minum coca-cola

Sedap bang? Silap!! Sedap dik? Sedap bang...

Peace tetap peace... dua pinggan jugak Ato makan... hebat!!

Tengok ke tak?

"Aku nak rompak TGV ni," kata Roland. "Rompak je lah!!" kata wanita berbaju biru.

Hero Remaja 2020

Saya Debbie, saya Bibie, saya Roland & saya Ritha. Kami adalah Barbie Roll Nama Rita?

After - Bagus signal

Sengiunn.. Puas hatika?

Another smiling faces

Si Yaya sleeping...
After the show everybody keeps on smiling. WONDER why? Go & watch this movie than you know.

Just coming back from Sunway Pyramid. Having this fellowship with friends watching Transformers : Revenge of The Fallen together. After Sunday service we went straight to Min Tien Restaurant having our dinner while waiting for the show. Everybody are excited with movie including Yaya and Tuta. However, Yaya felt asleep in the of middle of the show and Tuta courageously stay awake till the end. Not only the kids enjoyed the movie, the adults enjoyed every second of it too…