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Drawn by Ramzahuri (Gila-gila Comic artist) during my visit to KualaLumpur Book Fair 2009

The picture of superhero wannabe! Sorry with that tight... obscene ckit! "From Zero To Hero", famous quote taken from somebody... I remember last time, I was nobody. Living with no hope... Once Jesus restore my life.. living with purpose, I realised that in each and everyone of us have the potential. Before I came to Grace Church, I was a non believer. Believing in my own strength can do anything.

I did not know anybody in that place... everyone is a complete stranger. In my past life.. I am a complete loser, a failure in anything I do. My result in UPSR = 5 Es, PMR= argh..., SPM= Pangkat 2 (26), STPM = 3P 2R (2 Es & 1 D).

I have failed many times, countless. When everyone is pursuing their dream in higher level, I am stucked as supermarket general worker (NgiuKee, Imperial Mall) for one and the half year. with salary RM410. I keeps on trying to chase my dream to further studies. I ha…

Kris Allen Won The Title of American Idol 2009

The biggest whoa in American TV history as Adam Lambert failed to gain the title of American Idol 2009. By far Adam Lambert seems far talented than Kris Allen the underdog of the show. But this humble and down to earth persona successfully grabbed title, probably based on his personality. Hence, Adam Lambert might not win this singing competition due to his background. I strongly believe that certain people in America against Adam background.

Basically, a war between good and evil. Talent alone wont be able to create the path of success. Kris Allen, definitely a strong believer... Make it simple... try to relate with David and Goliath story. Kris... you have a lot to proof to the American how talented you are... as JESUS have wonderful plan for you....


AMERICA has spoken and the people have voted in favour of Kris Allen, the guy-next-door crooner from Little Rock, Arkansas to be the eighth American Idol. Yet even before the confetti shower has settled, fans worldwide are a…