Drawn by Ramzahuri (Gila-gila Comic artist) during my visit to Kuala Lumpur Book Fair 2009

The picture of superhero wannabe! Sorry with that tight... obscene ckit! "From Zero To Hero", famous quote taken from somebody... I remember last time, I was nobody. Living with no hope... Once Jesus restore my life.. living with purpose, I realised that in each and everyone of us have the potential. Before I came to Grace Church, I was a non believer. Believing in my own strength can do anything.

I did not know anybody in that place... everyone is a complete stranger. In my past life.. I am a complete loser, a failure in anything I do. My result in UPSR = 5 Es, PMR= argh..., SPM= Pangkat 2 (26), STPM = 3P 2R (2 Es & 1 D).

I have failed many times, countless. When everyone is pursuing their dream in higher level, I am stucked as supermarket general worker (Ngiu Kee, Imperial Mall) for one and the half year. with salary RM410. I keeps on trying to chase my dream to further studies. I have been given an opportunity to study in UiTM. 3 years later, graduated with a degree with average result = C.G.P.A 3.07 (one star). From hopeless person to full of potential.

Fail to get a job, after I completed my study and being jobless for months. Hop from one to another.. 2 years later... I am being accepted as Executive at UNITAR and trusted with many responsibilities.

I also failed many times in getting my driving license. If some other manage to pass the law exam in one time. I have to fail that exam for 5 times... The first time I took the exam... I only manage to get 37 out of 50 (If I am not mistaken).. I felt like life is cheating on me, "Why does everyone else manage to pass this exam once, but I... failed?" I am totally depressed at that time... live in despair for one year plus for another exam. I try again for second time... failed... Third time.. failed.. The Fourth time, also failed. I start to realized there is something that I have not included in anything I do. Which is JESUS. I began to pray... and surrender everything in HIM. I manage to pass the exam after the fourth try out. It won't stop there... I failed again in my road test for 3 times. Amazing... I am not afraid to try again, again and again as I understand the purpose behind it. It is making me strong.. much stronger than before.

And now, I am rely in HIM.. JESUS... My superhero!!! I trully understand these hardships I'm facing everyday... He thought me to be humble and began to gain trust from others, one by one!! From nobody and being somebody.!!! I am HIS superhero to.. Motivating others that they can achieve something.. because I believe in their capability.

More I think about a Christian’s life in the world, I am convinced that we are called to live heroic lives. Heroic lives as defined by God would be ‘to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8).’ (This quote from here)

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