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Crazie Me, Indeed!!

Stev.. gelak berabis. Princess Flo & me... wahahaaa


Crazie me with bunch of teens



Thought myself wanted to jump, hop and loop all around the spacious compound celebrating the freedom I gained from all the glorious pain of Master Degree. Escaping from the predicament of such level is the joyous moment of my interesting life. Otherwise, I won't stop mumbling on how difficult it is to complete my thesis.

Jump as I high as I can, like this little doggy

As the time goes by, the effort being used to complete my thesis, the sleepless night that I encountered, the hectic working hours as I have to juggle between three roles, I managed to see the outcome. The hardship is over and the painful experience is passed... sounded so notorious? Short story... merdeka modelah!!!

Suddenly, this happy mode was distorted as what I saw failed to amaze me. What the.... I already sent the hardcover of my completed thesis. Why I cannot embrace the epiphany of revelation chapter in my life? UiTM definitely failed me with this current status. "Gugur Taraf" because I did …