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Eyong & Jasmon

Khamis lepas aku ke Sejingkat, Kuching melawat my friend Salbiah Banatti & Jasmon Sukin yang lama tak jumpa. Last kami jumpa pun tahun lepas, time kahwin my other friend Mr Eric. Salbiah & Jasmon are both my senior during my study at UiTM Shah Alam also my senior at my church. We have wonderful ministry together, since Salbiah is my mentor who keep encourage me and tought me the first lesson as Worship Leader. I am still holding to your lesson and I hope it is not too late for me to say Thank you. Jasmon is always with his courteous smile and warm welcoming story.

We are having a good chat & bertanya khabar berita since banyak benda yang berlaku sepanjang 2010. Before I reached to their new house, sesat barat jugaklah nak sampai to that area. Maklumlah I never have the change to encounter that area. Anyway sesat-sesat jumpa jugak Borneo Convention Center Kuching di area Pending (their house is near that area).

I am happy as well sebab this two loving couple manage to have t…