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Celebrating My Birthday In A Moderate Mode

Sambal udang with petai & sambal terung, Tuhau, nasi kampung, papadam & Chicken Honey is on the way

Last Wednesday (July 15, 2009), I am celebrating my 30th birthday, 30 years of existence as human being, 30 years of experiences and journeys towards maturity. I did planned to celebrate my birthday by organizing big bash party....... wakakaaaa... not really. I am the type who like something simple, less headache and cheap. I never like party, drinking, pot smoking or dancing in a noisy club. I hate complicated life.. and that is the reason I never been to those kind of places. For me.. as long I am grateful with what I have achieved, experiences I have gained, either negative or positive and learned something out of the experiences, more than enough. I don't like to work hard and spending my money like crazy. I rather work hard and earned credit for team effort.

But lately, some people are being so negative and prejudice towards me and say nasty stories by spreading lies. Yes…