Celebrating My Birthday In A Moderate Mode

Sambal udang with petai & sambal terung, Tuhau, nasi kampung, papadam & Chicken Honey is on the way

Last Wednesday (July 15, 2009), I am celebrating my 30th birthday, 30 years of existence as human being, 30 years of experiences and journeys towards maturity. I did planned to celebrate my birthday by organizing big bash party....... wakakaaaa... not really. I am the type who like something simple, less headache and cheap. I never like party, drinking, pot smoking or dancing in a noisy club. I hate complicated life.. and that is the reason I never been to those kind of places. For me.. as long I am grateful with what I have achieved, experiences I have gained, either negative or positive and learned something out of the experiences, more than enough. I don't like to work hard and spending my money like crazy. I rather work hard and earned credit for team effort.

But lately, some people are being so negative and prejudice towards me and say nasty stories by spreading lies. Yes!! Some people say I am so naive as I won't react negatively after listening to all the nasty lies. I always react positively as I pray to GOD to provide me strength to love others as I love myself. Christianity is not about hating others who against us but loving them with unconditional love. Whenever all difficult things make more sense than dubious thought of mind, I likely to understand the reason behind any obstacle I have faced, I am becoming more stronger. I don't be bothered with people who took their effort to find mistake I've made. There is old Malay saying "Gajah di seberang nampak, kuman di depan mata tak nampak". I won't be bothered with people who thought they are smart and rejecting me with no reason, I get used to rejection. It will make me work harder to prove them that I am worthy and strong because All In HIM Nothing Is Impossible. Pity this people!! I am...

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