Testing, testing.. whoa!!

My little hero.. Ezekiel is trying on my new spectacle... Looks nerdy, yet chubby. I don't where are heading to... Pictures taken during my holiday somewhere around June.

Ezekiel is a big brother of Isaac, 3 years old and he himself is 7 years old. Those two always quarrel over everything and its normal for sibling. Their mom playing the referee role by nagging, yelling and caring for both of them. Having two boys is frightening... they turn the house outside down... Having two rascals, smart yet independence boys, sometimes amused me... My sis.. indeed you are supermom!!

Superdude is watching from far...

I looks handsome ka, uncle? Yes.. but not handsome than me. He always giggle when listening to my silly answer


Cute meh!!

Adorable isn't he?

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