Seksyen 24 Scrapped

Remember my other post about my plan to move out from the place we rented at Seksyen 7?  Please refer here and here. Unfortunately the plan is scrapped. As I need to postpone the intention of relocation which suggested on month of June, after I returned from Langkawi Trip and Home Town Trip, I paid RM500 for booking of the Seksyen 24 apartment. I am afraid of loosing the house, therefore, I've paid 1 month rental in order to retain the house.

While, I was in Miri, I received a call from my landlord of Seksyen 7. She informed me that the actual owner abolished the idea to move in. And the main reason is; she is not in the condition to 'climb' the staircase to level 3, as she is getting old. 

I thought of laughing or scream or get angry after considering our effort in finding for a house within constraint period of time. 

After I discussed with my housemates, all of us have decided not to pursue the idea of moving out from the current house. We don't have the desire to move out anyway. Banyak barang kita orang beb!! Malas nak angkat dan buang duit juga nak pindah-pindah nie.

Once I returned to Shah Alam from holidays, I've met the owner of Seksyen 24 and spilled my intention of staying at my current house.

She refused to refund my money.... Therefore... the deposit is considered burnt!!

Who wish to get the contact number for the house at Seksyen 24, kindly leave your request at my comment. I am not guarantee the house is still available or not.

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