Isaiah 55 : 8-9 - His Way Is Better Than Mine

I need this very much. Last year my owner have informed me regard with her attention to renew her contract with CIMB Resort in Port Dickson for another year. So we thought that we at least have another one more year to stay at 316, Block 56, Section 7, Shah Alam.However, last Monday, I went to her relative house at Section 7 (mediator) to pay our rental. Unexpectedly, she conveyed the most shocking news. A big blow indeed.

We were given until end June to find a house and move out. I am amazed on how easy the news was delivered to us and asked me on the spot on what will be my decision after received that particular news. A big blow because month of April is considered as difficult month, especially UiTM is in the middle of semester and to find a house is extremely difficult.Majority of houses in Shah Alam is rented by students. After looking and looking..only empty rooms are available. Gulp.. I got tonnes of stuff at my current rented house. A room can't fit my stuff, even if I rented a master room.

At the same time, my time table is pack with unwanted programmes. Such as workshop conducted by my office and scheduled on Saturday and Sunday. Last Saturday and Sunday. My day is coming to Shah Alam on May and I have planned this trip to Langkawi 3 months ago. I did not intended for saving as I planned for a trip. I am saving for that particular trip, I already bought air ticket for him from Miri to KL and KL to Kuching for both of us. I also waiting for refund of RM600 from my friend. I haven't bought my air ticket from Miri to KL.

Suddenly that news appeared...kui kui kui...

I must fight the good fight. I refuse to give up and I believes God will never forsake me. He will provide me with the best house and help me to fulfill my duty as a son and bring my dad to Langkawi.

These hurdles help me to transcend and become an excellence believer. The joyful of my Lord is my strength..I surrender everything to YOU. Jesus takes the wheel...

Current news : Felicia and I still looking for the house...pray for both of us

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