2011 In Conclusion - Super Belated

2011 have passed for almost two months and I don't have the time in the world to write or post a new post about what is going on in my life, especially in the year of 2011. Anyway, in the year of 2011, I came by with tonnes of great things. Phenomenal yet  challenging ever.

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The youth of GCSA and me went for hiking at the Taman Cahaya, Bukit Cerekah, Shah Alam

During Andy and Ila's wedding 

X4JC's performance at BCM Open Day

Another performance done by X4JC

Easter Performance done by my church members

My Indo mates with Pastor Elia Tambunan at Umami Steambot, Sunway after Sunday Service

My dad during Gawai Festival 2011 at my Rumah Panjang
Another view of the Gawai Festival

My dad and me right after my convocation 

My cousin's convocation at UKM. June congrats lah ooo

X4JC performance during Malam Kesembuhan Ilahi at SIB Subang as Pendeta Peturs Agung is the speaker

Kuala Lumpur Book Fair 2011 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. Escorting the lecturers in selecting books

My Team posing for group photo. This workshop was conducted at Perdana Leadership Foundation, Putrajaya. The title of the workshop is " Library Benchmarking, Best Practice and Marketing". I won the best presenter...booyaaa

Taken during Hari Raya Library Open House 2011. An annual event conducted by my colleagues. This year around aku cuma jadi driver...

Taken at Malacca as my friends and I went there for visiting. Enjoy the trip...booyaa

This is my dad as he posing near the Kereta Lembu at Malacca..he enjoy the trip very much and he is still very strong walking around Malacca Town

Praise and Worship Seminar titled "Prophetic Worship Seminar"at Seri Malaysia, Sepang

Taken during Gawai Kaamatan Festival at my church. They all wearing fancy dresses

Taken during Bro Ricky's Birthday...missing very much

Thanksgiving Dinner at McDonald's Section 2. Purposely in celebrating team members effort in making the Seminar and Konsert Hari Anak-Anak Sedunia a successful event.

The Libyan Ambassador to Malaysia. Having a short conversation with him. Very soft spoken man...

The best is yet to come...Isaiah 55 : 8-9. I am fighting the good fight..for good cause indeed.

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