Conquering Malacca Town, May 2011 - Part 2

Once upon a time, there was a king who is sitting anxiously at his throne, waiting for the fatty musketeer to return from the battlefield. While waiting for his subject to arrive, the king mumbling to himself and wandering around the castle.. alone. He begun to question his fatty musketeer loyalty and said, "He might run away with my fortune. Oh, Oh Em Gee." Unfortunately, as the king grew tired in waiting, he put his wrath rampantly onto his guests and the servants plus the gundik (don't heart me my daddy) and place a curse over them. The entire people in the castle turned to mannequin. Kesian....

'Our castle'. Ada hati

The king is looking at his subjects, etc

All of his fortune is in the mirror casket

Drama semi government yang dilakonkan di dalam Replika Istana Melaka. RM3 seorang tau.. disponsor oleh my sugar daddy.

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