My table is fully occupied with books waiting to be processed

Books that completed the cataloguing process waiting for next step... labelling process!!

Labelling process is completed ready to be recorded... and deliver to assign location

My staff Pn. Norliza is trying her best to complete everything before Raya and Majlis Bersanding of her.

More books is waiting for me as they cry..."Jim... you can do it" Spooky...!!! When I pass by this place everyday, the eerie sound keeps haunting the toilet is at the end of my office... I will stop and stare at those pile of books... Can I finish this on time?

Acquisition Unit.... receiving process, stamping, etc. Then followed by Cataloguing Unit

September and ahead will be super busy month for my department as date line has been given by my superior. In the month of November, UNITAR will be launching a new campus known as City Campus which located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman nearby Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur. Hundred of titles need to be processed and more will be coming as President and my superior done their books selection in Singapore last week (600 plus titles). I need to plan my work accordingly and my studies as well and ministry not to be forgotten. My unit is handicapped if compare to the numbers of book we received in ratio. I'll trying my very best to finish everything before my one month holiday in December. I've becoming a professional juggler in my daily life... juggling between University Library's Collection, Tun Razak University Library (City Campus), student, ministry and personal life as I promised to give 110% commitment to everything I do.

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