Gawai Visit 2011

Akibat malas nak menaip, here I present

Cerita Bergambar

My family during our visit to relatives at Satap Dalam, Sibuti

While waiting for the house owner to get ready.. coz dorang tengah sibuk dengan prepapring for Gawai Batu. Time for us for cam whoring.. above is Erikson Kula, 13 years old

Menyelit jap with my nieces and nephew...

Erika Anna, 11 years old

Erisha Tera, 5 years old

yabadabadoo.... posing yeah..

Silly pose.. Erisha still encore for vogue pose..

Present.. Their mummy.. Macam best friend pulak.. Sis Ernie

End of story... Gawai Holiday is best.. lame kan.. sebab lambat update

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