National Library of Thailand - Bangkok, Thailand

In the age of globalization, the National Library of Thailand, as the largest and oldest library in Thailand, is the center of library and information promotion and activities in Thailand. The library has played active roles in collection of reading materials, preservation, registration and promotion of reading habit as well as the research among Thai people since the reign of King Chulalongkorn of Siam.

At the turning point of the new era the National Library of Thailand is still the landmark for students, researchers and general users to consult when they need of additional knowledge and information.

Source: The National Library of Thailand

The National of Library of Thailand has had its main tasks of collecting, storing, preserving and organizing all national intellectual property heritage; Science and technology; Arts and national culture in forms of Thai manuscripts i.e. stone inscriptions, palmleaves, Thai traditional books, printed publications as well as audio-visual materials and electronic materials etc. National Library of Thailand is a national information source of which rendering unlimited knowledge and information technology to nationwide users all walks of life; pupils, students, researcher, Thai and oversea general public in central and provincial parts of Thailand.

National Library has long history, and has so far successfully been developed for years, since the three main libraries Mandira Dharma Library, Vajirayanana Library and Buddhasasana Sangaha Library were amalgamated entitled “Vajirayanana Library for the Capital City”, by royal command of King Chulalongkorn the Great, October 12, 1905. The library has been so far under the royal patronage of succeeding Chackri Dynasty’s Kings up until now. In 1933, after being changed into democracy regime, the Fine Arts Department was established and ministered the “Vajirayanana Library for the Capital City” by royal degree. The National Library has been initiatedly prospered successively and was later renamed “National Library” up to the present time. In 1966, the National Library was transferred to Samsen road and has been under the Ministry of Culture for the time being.

Source: wikipedia

A year ago I went to Bangkok, Thailand for academic visit purposes. Thailand is likely to be known as the land of White Elephant which represent the sacred animal in Thailand social believes system.

We have the privilege to meet the Director of the National Library of Thailand (NLT) and shared the latest development of librarianship, especially with Thais exception of library institution. Surprisingly, the existence of NLT in the heart of Thai people is highly appreciated as the Thai Kings themselves value the importance of knowledge and enrich the culture of Thais.

The NLT is separated into various functions, as each function serve with different purpose.

Service Room Day Time
Ancient Manuscripts Monday-Friday 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Rare Books Monday-Friday 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Media Act / ISBN / ISSN Monday-Friday 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
General Publications Monday-Friday 9.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m

Saturday-Sunday 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Internet / CD-ROM Monday-Friday 9.00 a.m. – 6.15 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday 9.00 a.m. – 4.45 p.m.
King Vajiravudh Memorial Hall Monday-Friday 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Music Library Monday-Saturday 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

National Library of Thailand, main library building

Malaysian delegate with NLT staffs

Enriching the value of Catalog Card as NLT also using OPAC system

Korean corner (sponsored by South Korea Embassy), where they keeping the Korean collection

Second floor of NLT, where light reading are place. I love the couch, the color scheme and the furniture. Classic yet exclusive.

The first monument where knowledge was believe to be recorded

This lady is taking her time to browse the book she likes

Indeed the NLT is cozy

The officer who in charge for rare books collection. Trust me most of the collection are five times older than me

The NLT taking the best effort to scan the rare collection and converted them into pdf format

Rare book collection is placed into the air tight plastic bag to avoid from mildew

Music Library. We were told by the librarian that His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is fond with classical music

Acoustic guitar belong to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

The one and only twin piano in the world. We are fortunate to have the change personally touch since none of us can play this magnificent instrument. (This piano is frequently maintain)

This is not workstation, but a place to watch Thai films (Audio Visual collection)

The Director of National Library of Thailand at the center

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