My Kampung Adventure

Lets join me in this short adventure to my beloved kampung. My kampung is popularly known as Rumah Johnson, Seloi Tengah, Sibuti, Miri, Sarawak, located 45 kilometers from Miri Town. You can take public transportation to reach my kampung and it only cost you around RM5-8, if you use bus. My kampung is easily seen from the main road, as it is located opposite with the Miri-Bintulu Bypass.

My dad is staying in this longhouse, since 1997 after he retired from government. In this beautiful long house, 50 families are staying, which consist of 200 over residence. Most of the residence are farmer, off shore workers, etc.

My dad house is number 8 and built up as two floors house. The first level is the living room, wash rooms, dining room and kitchen. The upper level, is divided into 4 comfy rooms. Each room is for all of us.

This video contain the story of my family journey with my two adorable nephews, Ezekiel and Isaac to my beloved kampung. As you watch along, you can enjoy the Miri beautiful scenery, palm trees, paddy field and of course, my kampung.

Lets the adventure begin, now!!

Sorry, the narrator is absolutely boring

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