YouthNited Stars BBQ (November 15, 2009)

YouthNited Stars was having a BBQ party at Ps. Perry's House at Puncak Perdana. Willingly helping them to coordinate the program with food and beverages.

Nothing Is Impossible is very happy to help them cooking any delicacy they wish to eat. Firstly, I will assist them on how to select fresh food and how to bargain. Since the occasion was held at night time, to ensure the freshness of the seafood or raw food, we must place them in a big container with lots of ice.

Later, they willingly to listen to my instruction just to ensure everyone is feed in short period of time and while waiting, give them junk food.

Anyway, they do enjoy the food and activities coordinated by the youth themselves. There were exchange gift activity and praise & worship session, plus delicious delicacies from the church members.

How Nothing Is Impossible wish to stay back and watch them enjoy the night with laugh and tears. Missing Cleo and Pam.. huhuhu

Abigail is playing hide and seek

They are looking at who?

Macam cerita Sanay Wala Nang Wakas

Dapat hadiah in exchange gift session

Nyum..nyum with watermelon

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