P&W Monthly Meeting (October 28, 2009)

Our second last meeting for the year of 2009. This year was the best year for our team not because we manage to accomplish several projects with success but deep within He has transformed us by uniting each and everyone of us in spirit.Lets us take a few minutes to witness the beauty of HIS works.

Ps Salifiah and her lovely friend Ila

Roland, Leron, Cleo and Dean Rosales

Sambil mendengar tu tidur kejap

Rex & Andy

Ps. Perry & Bro. Nelson

Birthday cakes for August, September & October

Birthday boys and girls (mummy & daddy also included)

Yumm yumm..

Look at his eyes... funny

Leron & Andy having a conversation

Nelson : Tunggu jap sya tengah pikir ni...Mmm

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