Transform Concert (August 22, 2009)

There is no other word can be used to express my feeling towards this concert. Everybody is committed, working very hard to ensure the program is successful according to HIS parameter. Every single person is devoted to walk in faith as they are being challenge tremendously by the evil, including me. But they believe only in HIM and won't giving up easily as they walk accordingly with HIM. Lord!! Everyone is being transformed by your grace, every single tears that fallen to ground, YOU have counted them. Every sweat and energy, YOU strengthen them with your Holy Spirit. Every voices who crying for your name, YOU never fail to listen for our prayers. You thought us to count our blessing, as we begin to raise the white flag, a sign of of surrender, we move forward courageously. But... once we listen to YOUR beautiful voice, our heart is filled with gladness. We rejoice, we exalted YOUR name. YOU are worthy to be praised!!!

The concert is awesome. With this talent you have given us, use us mightily for YOUR glory.

For this concert, I am occupied in preparing for booklet, singer and driver, as usual. Due to time constraint, I only able to practice once. But I just walk in faith and praying to God, "I don't want to sing this song like singing a sing-a-long song, reciting the lyric, but I wanted to sing with all my heart. Lets the song be me as one." Thanks God every single word came out from my mouth like river.

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