Bazaar Ramadhan (August 23, 2009)

These photos was taken from PKNS's Bazaar Ramadhan, Shah Alam. The most anticipated month for our Muslim friend all over the world. But for citizen of Malaysia, especially people from every religions and races, we are celebrating the month of Ramadhan by contributing to our country economic growth,. We purchase the watery delicacies which only available during the fasting month. More banyak than the Muslim. I want that... I want that too. Slurrppp....

I took the opportunity to take few snaps of the bazaar.

It seems nobody is bother to wear mask

To buy Murtabak from this stall customers have to queue.. very long queue

My favourite kueh, thin apam balik.. "Beli satu bang" That kakak did asked me a question, "Are you a reporter?" "Tak kak. Saje-saje jer ambik gambar"

Scones with different flavors

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