Welcoming Jill & Adoring Jordan's Round Eyes

Last Saturday, July 04, 2009, My cousin June Omar and his wife (Ruth) came to Shah Alam together with their adorable baby, Jordan. My cousin (Ruth) requesting me to assist her niece in registering for Degree course in UiTM. Thank GOD that I wasn't occupied with other occasion and I took advantage of the day by treating them at Pak Su Restaurant, Seksyen 16, Shah Alam, McDonald for Jordan's porridge and Durian at Seksyen 13. I am enjoyed watching Jordan running here and there, while my cousin is practising his 'story telling skill' non stop and I listening passionly and smile gracefully, as usual. Ruth sat quitely and menyampuk sekejap-sekejap. My cousin really have a lots of thing to say.

Nothing Is Impossible would like to welcome my niece to UiTM, Shah Alam. She enrolled her studies in Degree of Civil Engineering field after she completed her Diploma last May. Congratulations for your Diploma. I hopes you enjoy with us and encounter how 'crazy' your uncle can be and endure the adventure of experiences as a student.

Jill Jackson

Durians in afternoon... fuh

Jordan envy his mummy... I want to lah!!

My cousin June melantak cendol at Seksyen 13 before makan durian

Makan tengahari at Pak Su after registering... Aku belanjalah..

Jill is looking for a house.. and bersyukur YOF House is still available

While waiting for Jill, Jordan nible that mineral water bottle

I love his eyes... rounded and big

waaaa....waaaa.aaaaaa... (I can not talk right now uncle, I am busy)

Lamak betul sik Jill ni..

Gaaa...... Pose maut by Jordan

The best pose

Uncle jomlah makan McD.. yalah yalah... (Muka kesian)

Anak Bapak...

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