Rough Week... Indeed!!

I considered this week as toughest week as working individual due certain circumstances. Every month, after I received my salary, I will do my personal accounting by dividing the salary into rightful portion; for example, tithe for certain amount, rental for this amount, etc.

However, due to unexpected reason, I have to advance the portion of fuel and food of this particular week for that particular reason. Anyway, I am not emphasizing on that matter right now. I will share my experiences as GOD continuously pouring HIS blessing on me by providing extra budget during this rough week.

On Thursday (July 16, 2009) my classmate blessed me with dinner treat.

Last Saturday (July 18, 2009) my fuel tank reached it limit as the yellow light blink, reminding me to fill them. Miraculously, my friend, wanted me to drive him to Puchong for unknown reason. For the first time, I reluctantly to accept his request as my condition is merely broke. But I proceed anyway, because he is my friend. I almost cry when he said, "Before we go to Puchong, we stop at Gas station". On that day my car was filled with RM30 fuel, plus with toll expenses, enough to cover my journey for almost 4 days.

But miracle doesn't stop in one condition. On the next day, one of my friend is in dire need, requesting me to drive her and her sister to LCCT due to unexpected reason. I cannot say no to that... But my beloved friends took their effort to share and blessed me with RM20 fuel, plus with toll expenses enough to cover the journey to LCCT and return to Shah Alam.

To survive for the entire week, I took the effort to cook, anything that I can think of. I am still having rice, meehoon, salted fish, instant noodle, two cans of sardines and tuhau given by Ivy as I stocked these items for rainy season purposes (I bought them earlier). RM2.70 in my pocket left for bean sprout, (3) eggs and prawn, each item cost me around; RM0.50, RM0.90 and RM1.10. That Tuesday night I creatively invented Jim's fried meehoon, enough to feed my tummy for two days, including my breakfast on Wednesday.

Now zero cent in my wallet!!

On Wednesday morning, I received an email from Finance Department requesting me to collect my cheque worth RM100. Lord! You are so wonderful... For your information, I am selected as Internal Quality Auditor (IQA) which functioning as an auditor for ISO 9000 (International Standard), IQA's job function is to inspect the respective departments working procedures are tally with the standard. But, for the past two activities, which is almost 1 year, I did not received any payment. So I just keep quite. However, on that particular morning, I enjoy the blessing, even thought I have to wait for another 2 days, so that cheque can be released. Sounded like a fairy tale right?! No it wasn't..

Even thought my road a little bit bumpy... But I enjoyed these experiences as it thought me to be patient. Money might be everything, it can cause someone in a weary stage, angry if someone took advantage of us, rage if promises are never being kept.

Dear gentle reader!! Believes.. just keeps on believing in HIM as Nothing Is Impossible. HE a is wonderful provider.

Cheque I received on last Wednesday

Dear friends!! Thank you for supporting me, I will repay your blessing .. soon!!

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