Everyday Open Air - Puchong (July 5, 2009)

Last sunday, we went o Everyday Open Air at Puchong, opposite Jaya Jusco (if I am not mistaken). All of us get bored with same place of dining.. so we have decided to alocate new place for eating. Thanks for Debbie precise direction, we manage to find this place. I considered this place is the best place to hang around and listening to good old chinese songs. The range of choice of chinese food are superb. Delicious, clean toilet, good service and open atmosphere. If you happen to find this place, try Frog porridge, sedap. Got other great places to eat? Please inform me.

Whoa...!! Chicken herbal soup (excellent) with Dim sums...

Chicken chop (RM8.00) with a plate of sushi... Delicious....

Lamb chop (RM10.00) with Dim sums.. these two really lurve to eat Dim sum..

This is mine.. Chicken with ginger and wine (RM10.00) ... I love it!!

Tang Huen (Taufu fah with glutinous balls in pandan syrup) (RM3.50) .. quite sedap

Maggie!! Pray for the foods?!!

Ok.. ok.. Lets us pray...

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