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Musim kemarau nie...

Tengok abang kat atas tu... PANAZZZZ!!! Meletop... meletop... kababommm!!! Apa yang Jim buat nie? Dah tukar selera.... Aduh JIM!!?? Mesti pikir benda lain tak..... ? Apa kaitan Chris Duran nie dengan blog dan selera aku?
Kuang3x Bacalah yang kat bawah tu...


“I was born in Dieppe, France in 1975. My family was wealthy and our Religion was Roman Catholic. Shy, I started to develop through sports and it was still difficult to relate with people.

In my adolescence I began to gain interest in spiritual things. At the age of 20, with much indecision I decided to study economy in Madrid (Spain). After a while, depression began to invade my life to a certain point that I wasn't able to support anymore. My mind was desolated by negative thoughts and low self-steem led me to want to die.

In Spain I shut my self in a room and decided to start talking to God, so I said: "Jesus, If you are real give me a job that I can be useful and share my love with the whole world, if you guide me, I will follow you with all my heart."

The next day a talent hunter discovered me. He was the producer of Julio Iglezias, Sting, Madonna and among others. He invited me to Miami to record a CD in one of best studios in the world.

I believed that Jesus had given me an answer so I accepted! Without any Biblical knowledge of the Kingdom of God, God took me from Europe sent me to a country where one day someone would be channel of blessings for me.

God knew the perfect time!

Signing with a major record labels in the world, Polygram, my record was launched in the US, Latin America and in parts of Europe. It was immidiate success. Fan clubs from all over the world began to create. My life as a student suddenly changed to an internationally super-pop artist. My music was in first place in various countries. My popularity grew at a surprising speed. Suddenly I had 5 stars hotel, luxury limousine, first class traveling, fame, and women. The world was offered to me. All of this made me a strong and secured person.

There was a star growing from the applause of people, because I loved the glory of fame. But now I a star inside of me called the morning star that grows everyday wanting to praise and adore Jesus Christ.

After a few years, it seemed that everything was going well, when I was in concert at the National Stadium of Chile with Gloria Estefan. With a packed stadium the party ended with fireworks. On my way to the airport after the show, the driver slept on the wheel and we hit straight on to bus.

The whole country thought I was dead, but I had a broken leg and almost lost my right eye.

After 4 years while I was still in the hospital Jesus spoke to my heart: "Do you remember that day you told me you wanted to share all your love for the whole world? You will share my love to the world and not yours."

After recovering, I returned in Miami seeking Jesus in several religions and one of them was Buddhism. Ricky Martin and I followed it because everyone in showbusiness did it.

It didn't work and depression returned and I didn't want to leave my house.

One day watching TV and switching channels, an American pastor was preaching the gospel. The presence of God came to my room and I cried a lot. Days later I crossed the street and saw that a church called Ebenezer. I walked in and I my life was completely changed.

My encounter with Jesus was radical and powerful. Nobody approved my position. My father was disappointed and didn't speak with me for a while. I lost my friends because all I wanted to do was exalt and speek about the love of Jesus.

Roberto Livi who was my producer began threatening me but God was with me.

Jesus showed me the path of salvation and tought me to renounce worldly and turned my eyes on eternal things.

Many tribulations came because of Christ, but the victories were much more.

Today God gave me a wonderful evangelistic ministry, where people separated by God acknowledged my calling and showed me that fame and success came and gone but Jesus is eternal.

One of these people that God gave me was my Poliane and a daughter called Esther.

Today my right arm that helps me through difficult times is Robson Cruz. Robson is a fomer basketball player, who played with the best players in the world like Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, Charles Barkley and many others. He became a reference for thousands of kids in and out Brazil.

Miracles and wonders follow my calling.

The Ministry Chris Duran represents 40% of praise and worship, but the word and signs are our request to God. Everything for His mercy. The scripture say in Hebrew 2:3 "First, the Lord Jesus himself announced that salvation, and then those who listened to us proved that it is true. At the same time, through signs of power, wonders and many types of miracles, God confirmed the testimony them. And according to its will, also distributed the gifts of the Holy Spirit."

God specializes choosing crazy things to confuse the wise men of this world!

How about you? Has your life been a life of renounces?

Have you had an encounter with God?

Today is your day, the day of your salvation!

A "yes" will take you to live the fullness of His love, but "no" may be the worst decision of your life!

Jesus is calling you! Follow your calling, He loves you!

May God bless you my brother!”

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Itulah gambar sebelum dia kenal TUHAN. Dia adalah bekas penyanyi duniawi (seangkatan dengan Ricky Martin) yang dipakai TUHAN dengan luarbiasa...

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