Eating Like Rabbit?

That Rabbit represent me... Tetap cumil

My current weight is reaching to maximum numbers. How much? I'm letting you to guess. Just fill up the blank _______ kg. Due to health reason.. I need to do somethinglah. Last few weeks I went for medical consultation nearby my working place. Surprisingly (I'm not suprise), I have been lectured by that particular person for one hour and half. Torturing me with the facts and statistics that I am going to face if no immediate action is taken. I am overweight (hahahhaaaa... It is true), anxiety, difficult to move around, etc. I having this high blood pressure... (hahahaa... inherit them from my late mum), thank GOD... I am able to reduce that.

Green Apple is the new meat for me

Makanan arnab ni......

Jim!! You need to do something.... this product is good for you (HERBALIFE - correct me if I'm wrong). If you don't do something from now on, something terribly wrong will happen to you. You need to consider... (He was playing his poker face over me!! Trick jer tu... Buat muka marah and concern) "How much is the products worth?", selamba aku tanya (consists of three products) It only cost you RM8++... gulp!!! Terasa bontot aku terangkat from the chair, calculating on how I should shut the conversation from dragging on. Let me decide by end of the month (no bluffing had involved) If I'm interested, I'll come to you. That mat salleh and Chinese guy beginning to discuss about my option. Tell me Jim, what should we do to help you? Are you happy with your job, is the salary enough? You must think of your health.... Tell us what we can do for you? Poker face again. Cut short... I manage to get out from the terrible scheme offered by them. Gila... RM8** is almost half of my salary (alamak you guys know already my gaji) But the facts and statistic really strucked me... something really need to be done. So I decided to change my eating habit by switching to another regime... Vegetarian (rabbit food). Kurang makan daging, kurang yang berlemak, kurangkan makan nasi. Lebihkan air suam, lebihkan buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran.

Rabbit yang slim.... wakakaakaaa


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