God Does Not Discriminate, He Wants All to Be Healed

This Bible Study comes from Matthew 9:35. Notice that it says that Jesus went to all the towns and villages. This is an example of how God wants everyone to hear the Word. God does not discriminate. He does not want us too either. The next thing to notice is that Jesus was not thrown out of their synagogues. He came to re-educate these people. He wanted to change their way of thinking. They obviously didn't have a problem with this since it doesn't say that He was thrown out. He wanted the people to know about the kingdom of God. He wanted them to realize that He didn't come to this earth to establish a government at that time. They thought that He did. They thought that He was going to save them from the oppression of the government. He wanted to re-educate them on this thinking. He wanted them to understand prophecy. He was there to save their souls. Something that I want you to notice is that Jesus started teaching them before He started healing them physically. God is interested in our spiritual healing. The body will pass away, the spirit will not. This does not mean that sometimes God works in a different fashion. We cannot put God in a box. Sometimes He does choose to heal a person physically first. It is just to realize that the spirit is the most important. The next thing that we see is that Jesus healed every disease and illness. There is a difference between disease and illness. Disease affects the physical body whereas illness can affect the emotions and spiritual part of the person as well. God wants us well in every aspect of our lives, whether it is emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. He is compassionate to all forms of sickness.


Lately I felt discomfort in my spirit as spirit of rejection keeps telling me that I'm not worthy in any circumstances. Dear reader, GOD does not looking for those who is 'well fed', who believe in their own strength, or those who is potential in human eyes. But HE indeed looking for lose sheep, who wondering in wilderness, whose body is badly injured, heart that broken in pieces and the person is mostly ignored by leader.

Thanks to GOD who keep reminding me that I am more precious than anything in the world. HE wanted to heal me because HE loves me so much. I won' run away from church no more GOD like I did before, neither rejection nor dis appreciation would separate me from YOU. For gentle reader, in humble manner I am telling you that JESUS is always listening to us. He wanted to be friend for each and everyone of us and HE never judge us for what we have done. HE IS AN AMAZING HEALER....

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