I have 3 weeks (9 days more to go) to complete this project. My table is cramp with books. Before I going for holiday I need to settle 1000 over titles as the launching event of new City Campus will take place in January 2009 and will be launch officially by Datuk Seri Najib (UNITAR is belong to UMNO, don't forget). My usual speed is 40 titles per day.. now I have to increase my speed to 70 titles per day, Balik from ofis 10.45 pm every single day...! I have to eliminate chatting, blogging, merepeking etc. until further notice. Jim...focus... focus...!

Not to forget I'll be involved as Procession Committee (Usher utk graduandlah gitu) for UNITAR 8th Convocation this coming Friday and Saturday.

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