Vocal Recording Session

Vocal Recording Session

Salifiah 'Simorangkir' in action

Posing in front of Menara Taming Sari, Melaka after being drilled for more than 10 hours in recording studio

Circle of friend

Head Scarf sharing

Smiling face

After four weeks of music recording, it is time for vocal (28 & 29 June, Gecko Music's Studio). The most fragile instrument is our vocal cord. Being force for more than 6 hours to record our vocal requires us to maintain the mood of the song, 'punching' after 'punching', up and down of our own mood, plus most of us was attacked by flu, ulcer, tiredness and ‘mengantuk’ as well, but every ounce of our sweat and sacrifices are accountable in heaven . I must congrats all of us... For that I dedicate this song.....

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