Fuyoo!!! Thank you for the welcoming banner

Long queue to Faculty of Information Management (courses registration)

Dewan Sri Budiman at 10 something (800+ post graduate students)

My way towards Health counter...

I'm also curious! I didn't invite that kakak behind me for photo session..

Dewan Annex (Welcoming speech by Deputy Vice Chancellor), Auku janji, Sing a long song and bla bla bla.... the best part makan!!!

Currently I'm pursuing my Master at UiTM Shah Alam for two years (starting from 21st June 2008). I'm so grateful and thankful to GOD for HIS mercy and blessing in making this registration process successful. Too many obstacles and 'storms' I have to face in order for me to be part of UiTM family. Financial constraints, stumble with EPF withdrawal process, personal problem, family problem, etc. But I said to GOD, I'm doing this not for glamor, fame or anything but only for YOUR name. I surrender everything YOU, LORD! He calmed my storm, so that I can see thing clearly and listen to HIS direction.

For example; my only sources for financial is EPF. I received offer letter from UiTM on the 6th June 2008 (morning) stating that I have to register on 21 June. Therefore, I needs to clear the payment before that particular date. In the afternoon (lunch hour) I went to EPF Petaling Jaya with my colleague (Nor Azlita) who voluntarily to assist me with the process. Finally, my turn to submit the application form, the officer in charge said that my application wasn't complete. I need to apply Surat Pengesahan Belajar from Bendahari Zon 16, UiTM. I asked her, how long the process for withdrawal to take place. She said at least 4 weeks. My heart was devastated and rampage by a stream roll. Deep within me said, "GOD... I know that you will never forsake your child! I couldn't do this on my own. Not with my strength. Guide me Lord! What I should do next? I really love to study again..."I went back to my office and spent my quiet time asking for HIS guidance. I applied for Replacement Leave on 9 June 2008 to settle the process.

On 9th June, I went for short prayer in my bedroom. I almost gave up but I'm asking GOD to calm my storm. Suddenly, I'm refreshed and felt the presence of HIS grace. I drove slowly to Bendahari Zon 16, Shah Alam. Requesting for the said letter, done! Driving like formula one, I reached EPF Shah Alam. My turn to submit my application, the officer in charge said, "You're submitting the wrong letter. Go back to UiTM. Ask for the 'right' letter." I asked her,"How long is the process?" She replied, "At least 2 weeks!!"

From my calculation, registration day is on 21 June. If I submit my application by 9th June, the process will be completed around 23rd June, IMPOSSIBLE. I said to myself, "Don't give up Jim!" Argh!!!!

Once again, UiTM dihatiku. Officer in charge said,"This is the letter they actually wanted." Holding the same letter. Arghhh!! I'm being fooled. Time is running up, 2 something in the afternoon. My gas is almost empty. I speed up to EPF Shah Alam. But with different officer. Very lemah gemalai, sopan santun and honest to my interrogation!! I submit the same letter. She smile at me and saying.... "Ok Sir! Everything is done!" without questioning like the previous officer. I asked her for confirmation, "How long is process to take place?" expecting different answer from her. "The most is 6 weeks." Gulp... "Tak boleh buat cepat ke? kalau awak boleh dalam satu minggu, saya sangat bersyukur." "Saya nie cuma buat kerja. Tu bergantung dengan officer yang approve. Kalau kite cakap salah nanti susah juga. Tapi biasa process tu lebih kurang macam tulah!"

In the next coversation, she delivering the answer I waiting for. "Tapi Encik boleh guna surat nie!" Pointing to my application approval letter, stating my application is success. "Serius ke nie? Dorang boleh terima ke?" "Betul Encik! Kalau Encik dah ada surat ni, Encik boleh register. Takkan Encik nak lari pulak... Ada surat nie tandanya Encik akan bayar." Wah.... hebat ko Tuhan!! Tak puas hati.. I'm asking the same question again, "Serius nie... kalau tak aku menangis depan kaunter kalau tak dapat register?" "Betul Encik. Kalau dah settle kita akan call utk inform."

On 20th June 2008, I'm waiting for them to call me and saying, "Your request is done!" "Tak boleh jadi nie, kenape tak call aku." By 10 a.m. I called them and asking regards to my application status. "Permohonan Encik berjaya pada 13 Jun." Praise GOD, instead of 4 weeks, GOD settle my application only for 5 days. Apalagi...! Aku runlah ke Shah Alam. Settlekan everything. Aku tanya pegawai bertugas... Kenape boleh siap cepat? "Yelah!!! SAYE PUN TAK TAU...!!" But I Know.....

Thank you Pastor Joe, Pastor Waco, Bro Jerry, my sister Lolly for your continues supports and prayers!! Jesus.. I love YOU more..

I'm shared this small piece of my testimony not to gain sympathy or fame but to share HIS greatest LOVE.

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